Friday, March 27, 2009

WeKan Conference

On Tuesday March 24, I had the privilege of attending the WeKan Conference in Salina.

I volunteered to help people who had technical questions about digital cameras, computers and the like. Another Kansas Explorer, Frank Thompson, from Overland Park worked with me throughout the day, and it was a pleasure getting to know Frank. I found Frank to also be a passionate photographer.

WeKan is a network group of rural tourism leaders supported by the Kansas Sampler Foundation. The conference is held every 2 years. I found this group to be motivated and energetic about keeping their communities alive.

For more information about the WeKan network see the following link to the Kansas Sampler Foundation website:

I'm enclosing a photo and video of the parade of signs at the conference. The music heard in the video is a new theme song recently created.

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Frank Thompson, KE #3128 said...

Nice work, Larry, and I enjoyed getting to know you as well. I suspect we will see each other again somewhere down the road (the back road, probably). It was refreshing to see the WeKan! folks pulling together with such passion. I doubt that I will ever have to add the communities represented there to my Ghost Town Watch list.