Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wabaunsee County Exploring, Part 3

On Monday March 23, I left Salina intent on another exploring day in Wabaunsee County. First though, I drove 100 miles east to Topeka to pick up another accessory for my digital SLR at Wolfe's Camera Shop. I picked up an Expo Disc white balance adjusting tool. More about this in a later blog when I learn how to use and have some experience with it.

I entered Wabaunsee County near Dover and travelled the back roads up to the Maple Hill area. Here, I found the Old Stone Church and cemetery and also the twin bridges over Mill Creek, with an Iron Truss auto bridge and steel railroad bridge.

Leaving Maple Hill, I zig zagged across the northern part of the county near the Kansas River (the northern border). I stopped at the beautiful Immanuel Church of Christ and cemetery, then headed southwest to the town of Wabaunsee. I visited the Wabaunsee Cemetery east of town with elegant stone entrance gate.

Entering Wabaunsee, I visited the Beecher Bible and Rifle Church, dating back to 1862, and the memorial plaque in town. Then, I headed south thru the hills to I-70 and on back to Salina for the night. I fought 50 mph wind gusts all day and a couple of thunderstorms on my way back, but had a great day.

In three (3) trips to Wabaunsee County this year, I logged 157 miles in the county, most on unpaved roads. I visited seven (7) cemeteries and the towns of Alta Vista, Alma, Maple Hill, Volland, and Wabaunsee. I did not get to explore the southeastern part of the county near Eskridge and Harveyville, but I'm sure to return at a later date.


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