Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tips for Photographing Streams

One of my favorite subjects to photograph are streams, creeks and rivers of all sizes. I continue to take photos during all seasons of the year, and would like to offer some tips that I have learned over many years.

In spring and summer, the trees will of course have most of their full green foliage, and there may be other green vines, shrubs, etc along the water. I have found during these seasons, that it is best to expose a photo either on gravel/sand along the stream, or in the upper canopy of the trees where there is less full green color. If you expose on the deep green colors, it is likely there will be areas of your photo which are washed out.

During fall there will likely be some intense colors in the leaves, some of which are still on the trees and some likely will be on the ground. Again, don't expose on the darker colors, but use some lighter color such as gravel / sand or the lighter tree limbs, but not the darker tree trunks.

Winter photography can present some challenging conditions, especially if snow is on the ground. If there is snow with bright sunny conditions, either reduce your exposure by 1 to 2 stops, or use a snow scene setting on your camera. During cloudy and snowy conditions, it is best to expose on some yellowed grass or lighter branches in the trees. These photos may require some adjustment with a photo editing program to bring out the contrast and brightness.

In summary, it is best with all landscape photos to expose on areas which are medium light - your camera is usually set to get the best exposure with an 18% gray color. In fact, many photographers carry an 18% gray card to use to set the proper exposure.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Ford County, Kansas and Family Reunion

On Sunday morning Nov 9, 2008, I left Dodge City to explore some areas in northeast and eastern Ford County.

I visited the town of Wright (with the "Right" Coop), then continued on northeast to Spearville. I had not seen the windmill farm here for awhile and also noticed the architecture in town, including St John's Catholic Church and the limestone bandshell downtown.

Then I traveled on southeast for the highlight of my day, to visit the fabulous Immaculate Heart of Mary Church at Windthorst. What elegance! - both outside and inside! I went on east into Edwards County, then north thru Kinsley and onto Lewis for lunch and a reunion with some of my Hornbaker cousins and aunts and uncles. This is always a great gathering.

Finally by midafternoon it was time to head east and south back to home in Wichita.

For more information:

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dare to do Dirt Loop - Ford County, Kansas

On Saturday Nov 8. 2008 I was able to complete a 150 mile loop around Ford County. I headed southeast out of Dodge City thru Ft Dodge, thru Ford, then east and south to Bucklin. I continued on westward across the southern part of the county thru Kingsdown and Bloom, then on west and north up the western part of the county. Finally I traveled across the northern part of the county before returning to Dodge City.

I visited 8 cemeteries: Bloom, Bucklin, Concord, Ford, Ft Dodge, Pleasant Valley, Ridenhour and Sodville. I crossed the Arkansas River several times during the day, and also enjoyed driving along Duck Creek and Sawlog Creek in the northern part of the county.

At the end of the afternoon, I was treated to a glorious colorful sunset, and I finished up the day with a great meal at El Charro Mexican Restaurant in Dodge City.

Tomorrow, I look forward to finishing exploring the Northeast part of Ford County on the way to Lewis in Edwards County for a family get-together.
For more information about Ford County:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Back On The Road Again

After spending several weekends at home for health reasons, it was good to get back on the road exploring again today.

I left Wichita mid-afternoon and traveled to Dodge City for a couple nights stay. I went out to dinner to Casey's Cowtown Steakhouse. The combination of the atmosphere (stained glass and much framed art), friendly staff, along with a fabulous fillet steak dinner made for a very pleasurable experience I would recommend to anyone.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a "Dare to do Dirt" journey around Ford County. Sunday, I will be traveling back east to Lewis in Edwards County for a family reunion.