Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weekend in Rooks County

On August 29 and 30, I spent some time exploring rural areas of Rooks County in northwest Kansas.

Saturday morning, I went to Damar for the "Bring Your Own Lawn Chair" event sponsored by the Kansas Sampler Foundation. I was truly impressed with the people and the town. St Joseph's Church is a beautiful church and the decorated Main Street area was special. I shared lunch in the Damar Cafe with a group of Kansas Explorers. For a report of the event, see the Kansas Sampler Foundation's blog entry:

My photos of the event can be found at the following gallery:

After leaving Damar, I spent the afternoon exploring the northwestern part of Rooks County, first travelling around Webster Reservoir, then heading north to the Rooks / Phillips county line and following the beautiful Bow Creek valley east to US 183. Bow Creek is aptly named for it winds back and forth. In one place along Road A, the creek crossed the road 4 times in one mile.

After reaching US 183 north of Stockton, I headed back to Hays for the night. I had an excellent KC Strip steak dinner at Professor's Steakhouse in Hays.

Sunday morning I again headed north to explore the eastern half of Rooks County. I headed up and over the bluffs north of the Saline River and came into Codell from the south. I noticed a beautiful old limestone school in Codell.

I headed north from Codell through the very beautiful Medicine Creek valley. As I understand it. the first homesteaders in the county settled in this area south of Woodston. I visited a couple of cemeteries in this area also.

After looking around the town of Woodston, I explored some areas north of US 24, then headed to Stockton for lunch. I had a good hot roast beef sandwich at the Hometown Cafe.

I then left Stockton and headed south along the Elm Creek valley and eventually found the Twin Mounds area and the cemetery of the same name. After a few more miles I joined up with KS 18 and began my journey back home to Wichita.

To see my favorite photos of Rooks County, visit my gallery page at:

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