Monday, June 8, 2009

Afternoon Geocaching In Butler/Cowley Counties

By now, anyone reading this blog realizes that I enjoy exploring historic bridges and cemeteries. On Saturday, June 6, I spend the afternoon in southern Butler County and northern Cowley County finding some geocaches at bridges and in cemeteries. This area is very familiar to me, but finding these geocaches was a new experience.

I visited 2 bridges near Douglass in southern Butler County. The bridge over Eight Mile Creek on the Butler/Cowley line was beginning to be overgrown with vines and tree branches - it certainly has been a wet spring. Then, I went north and east to the historic bridge over the Walnut River straight south of Douglass. I've seen both these bridges in all seasons.

I then headed into northern Cowley County around the town of Rock. I visited two (2) cemeteries east of Rock, Stalter and Widener, both dating back to at least the 1870's. The geocaches here were fairly easy to find.

Near Widener Cemetery, I found a picturesque spot where there is a low water bridge over Rock Creek. I stopped long enough here to take a number of photos from all angles.

Finally, I visited another favorite bridge, the pony truss bridge over the Walnut River about 2 miles west of the town of Rock, and found the geocache placed here.

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